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Glen Wakeman Supports Entrepreneurs Through LaunchPad Holdings

November 27, 2017 • fitfam

Glen Wakeman has built a solid portfolio, which highlights his unique skills in entrepreneurship, mentorship and his exceptional ability to transform businesses. The executive is founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a software company that helps startup entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into workable plans. LaunchPad provides tips and suggestions for purposes of helping entrepreneurs through the development process. The company is supported by a superior team of financiers and advisors ( Speaking to, Glen Wakeman said that he was inspired to establish LaunchPad after witnessing numerous entrepreneurial failures from people who had great ideas. He explained that LaunchPad helps businessmen to establish an effective business plan.

Glen Wakeman has extensive experience in the financial industry where he has served for two decades. In his pursuit of entrepreneurial mentorship, Glen established the popular proven 5-step performance methodology. This methodology features human capital, governance, risk management, execution and leadership power in business. Glen is also a professional writer. He shares his insights on a wide range of topics, including administrative strategies and fiscal economics. Glen is highly knowledgeable on emerging markets, divestitures and corporate management. Wakeman has a special interest in business innovation, growth and development in the evolving global market. He is an alumnus of the revered University of Chicago where he earned his MBA. Moreover, Glen holds a BS in economics and finance from the University of Scranton.

Wakeman was the founding president and CEO. Glen transformed DFC from a mono-line bank holding company to an efficient community bank. This transformation earned him various local, national and international accolades (About). Glen Wakeman had previously spent more than 20 years at GE Capital where he served in different leadership positions. While he was working for the company, the expert focused on operations management, international markets, business development and general management. While he was serving as the CEO of GE Money Latin America, Glen played an instrumental role in transforming it from a startup to an international company. The firm’s asset base grew to over $12 billion.

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