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Jorge Moll Believes In Modern Technology For Hospitals

November 27, 2017 • fitfam

Patient care is one of the most critical aspects of the work of hospitals. Innovation continues to change the way patients are treated, and digital technology is now a big part of different processes in a hospital. Tools created for doctors to help them examine patients while retrieving a complete medical history. Modern technology introduces more voice controlled devices and possibilities of bed-side scans ( Gone are the days when patients had to wait a long time for their doctor to find out all about their medical history by deciphering some other doctor’s handwriting on a little card. Modern technology is now more prominent than ever in hospitals, and medical centers and scientists are working on advancements every day.


There are several benefits of continuing introduction of modern technology in hospitals, and Jorge Moll knows it very well. He is the owner of the most significant hospital group in the country (Scholar.Google). He is very passionate about introducing this kind of technology to as many hospitals in Brazil as possible. It is because there are several improvements between the doctors, their patients and other non-medical staff that makes hospitals run smoothly every day.


Doctors can collaborate more efficiently and quickly share relevant information about patients, reducing the amount of time people have to wait for treatment. The doctor can increase the time spent with the patient, and the attention can be focussed on the person rather than on the files back in the office. They can find the information quicker and on the spot, making the patient less anxious and more comfortable.


Jorge Moll believes that tablets and smartphones are now an essential part of hospitals and the only way to help medical staff adapt to this new way of patient care is to introduce it slowly and give them time to get used to it.


This way doctors will be encouraged to collaborate and share their knowledge on a more active basis, and the patients will feel more at ease as well. Modern technology will also allow the new medication to reach patients and help them sooner since it will speed up the research, testing and distribution process.

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  1. Not every idea will take so much time before they get implemented as the stakes are high and indicating the need to move faster. The industry is fast changing and thepensters even makes it more urgent for the health sector. With knowing what is happening in the other sectors, there is need to move towards this approach that Moll suggests.

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