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“Margarita Howard: A Leader in Government Contracting with HX5”

Margarita Howard, the dynamic owner and CEO of HX5, has definitively
carved her position in the world of government contracting. With an impressive
track record and a dedication to excellence, Howard has proven that HX5 is a
force to be reckoned with in the industry. 

Howard’s journey to the helm of HX5 was not without its challenges. As a first-generation American,
she faced numerous hurdles. However, with an unwavering commitment to her
vision, Howard turned these challenges into stepping stones, eventually leading
to the creation of HX5. 

Margarita Howard’s resilience and business acumen have been instrumental in
shaping the trajectory of HX5. Under her leadership, HX5 has rapidly grown from
a fledgling startup into a leading government contractor. HX5’s success is
underpinned by Howard’s strategic approach to business, which prioritizes
integrity, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to delivering high-quality services. 

A unique aspect of HX5, under the guidance of Margarita Howard, is its commitment to competitive
growth. Unlike many small government contractors that rely on sole-source
awards, HX5 has built its infrastructure around winning contracts through open
competition. This approach has not only set HX5 apart but also positioned it for long-term success. 

Margarita Howard’s role in shaping HX5’s trajectory is a demonstration of her exceptional
leadership. Her ability to nurture relationships within the industry, combined
with her keen business sense, has been instrumental in HX5’s growth. 

In conclusion, Margarita Howard’s achievements with HX5 are a testament to her unparalleled
business acumen and leadership skills. As HX5 continues to thrive in the
government contracting sector, one thing is clear: with Howard at the helm, the
sky is the limit. Refer to this article on CrunchBase, for additional information. 


Learn more about HX5 on https://www.govconwire.com/2018/01/nasa-taps-hx5-for-potential-377m-nasa-glenn-center-support-contract/